Operational services

Business intelligence and feasibility studies

Our team of experts can create feasibility studies that summarize all the elements necessary for initial reflection on investment in a particular industry or geographic region. Among other things, this service may include mystery shopping and all other information gathering and evaluation services relevant to a potential investment project (SWOT analysis) and an overview of relevant trends in the country and the region. Analyses also include market and competition reviews with key market trends and benchmarks and review of legal regulations.

Business Plans

This includes:

  • Developing client’s business strategy
  • Analysing economic and financial trends (both internally and externally)
  • Market Analysis and SWOT Analysis
  • Human Resource Development Strategy
  • Access Sales Strategies with Sales Operational Plans
  • Financial elements (CAPEX, OPEX, sales by distribution channels, money flow)
  • Marketing analysis and plan of action

Financial Analysis

Financial analysis includes an overview of initial investment costs in the Republic of Croatia, budgeting for the required period (first year and/or first few years (depending on the given parameters), comparison with the same or similar projects, comparison of data with market trends and official data of state bodies of the Republic of Croatia ).


Outsourcing means outsourcing part of a production or service that is not a core business of an entrepreneur, all in order to ensure the expertise and best quality of the product or service. Accordingly, Boost successfully performs those segments of your business that are not your main business. Collaboration can take place on a monthly or yearly basis depending on the client’s needs. The outsourced activities can be HRM, branding, ICT needs management, and the like, as already mentioned above.


This service includes the operational management of the company until the moment of its takeover by the investor, also, it includes making initial market positioning, obtaining contact with suppliers/potential partners, establishing contact with local authorities, collecting all relevant documents and permits (all in consistent with the expectations and plans of the investor). In addition, service also includes support for monitoring and project management as well as defining organizational structure, job matrixes (including recruitment and selection of candidates) and organization of training and training for workers.

Investment Relations-Search for Investment Opportunities

This service implies assistance in finding alternative sources of financing on domestic and international capital markets. Boost is able to make contact with a number of financial institutions (banks, mutual funds, state institutions, international financial institutions) on behalf of the client. Boost Team includes people who have been or are still engaged as investment consultants for institutions such as the World Bank, EBRD and the like. Boost takes on the role of preparing and organizing meetings while the negotiations are conducted by the investor.

Trade Fairs Representation

Boost can provide the following:

  • Matchmaking
  • Market study
  • Product analysis at the fair and sales follow-up
  • Translation and Trade assistance
  • Support services – stalls organization, translation of documents, rental of workforce and the like

Local Agent Performance Evaluation

Boost LLC can conduct an evaluation of an existing dealer, distributor or trade representative on the domestic market (across a range of parameters such as financial stability, portfolios and brands, business reputation, domestic and regional markets, etc.).

Definition and Positioning of Visual Identity

This service includes the definition of brand and branding strategies for positioning on the domestic market including the design and implementation of standard books, PR and marketing positioning of brands, event organization, design and web design, and design and printing of promotional materials.

Product Competitiveness Analysis

This analysis includes the production of reports on the competitive advantage of a product or service being placed on the domestic market. The analysis is done at the national level in terms of price access and quality, after-sales needs and activities and the availability of products or services. Apart from the above, factors such as administrative barriers to their introduction into the market, complexity of distribution channels, legal regulations and environmental regulations etc. are also monitored.

Market Research

In agreement with the investor Boost can organize smaller (focus groups) or extensive market research, in accordance with the rules of the profession and quality sampling, regarding the readiness of the investor’s brand. Boost can also provide CATI research, namely the outbound and inbound campaign and mystery shopping activities.