Business Consulting services

GDPR Consulting

Boost LLC helps clients to comply with the legal framework primarily with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as well as other legal acts that are a prerequisite for legitimate business in the Republic of Croatia. Boost developed a GDPR Toolkit (a set of documentation that provides suggestions for procedures, forms, and other measures for reconciliation with the GDPR) in co-operation with several domestic and foreign advisory firms.

All legal entities that collect and process personal data (in GDPR terminology known as data controllers) are required to comply with the GDPR. Apart from the fact that the institution itself has to be in line with GDPR, it is important to keep in mind that all external suppliers of services (data processors) also have to be adequately aligned with the GDPR, and in that case the responsibility is on the data collector to see through that data processor is adequately aligned with GDPR.

State authorities, institutions that handle large amounts of personal data and institutions that collect and handle extremely sensitive data categories has to have appointed DPO. All other institutions are not obliged to delegate DPO but they are advised to do that.

Since the Regulation does not state what technical protection measures should be applied but it is expected that the same should be applied, each institution needs to assess how well is data protected and how sensitive is their business activity. At the same time, data controllers are obliged to assess what is the chance of alienation or any other aspect of inadequate data handling. For some institutions, adequate data protection is sufficient through code on the computer and keeping the documentation in the key cabinet, and some institutions will need to use multiple security encryption tools to protect their data in operational business. However, it is evident that regulators within the EU emphasize the importance of technical data protection measures.

The GDPR's point is that every person has the right to know what happens with given personal data, the purposes for which they are collected, to which third parties are they submitted and for what purpose. In this sense, natural persons (known as the data subject in GDPR terminology) have the right to receive an answer within thirty days from the legal entity that owns their data what exactly are they doing with that personal data and / or can request a whole set of actions - deletion, modification of data, processing limit, transfer to third parties etc.

Consent is collected for collecting and processing personal data only in cases when the collecting and processing of personal data is not regulated by the law and / or existing contractual agreement. For example, it is not possible to ask the bank in which you have a current account to delete your personal data and in the same time continue using the bank services at the same time. Consents are most commonly used in practice for part of data that is not covered by the contract or those that are not defined by the law. For example, for the implementation of the Contract of employment, it is not necessary to collect the employee's consent for basic personal data, but if the employer uses the satellite tracking of official vehicles, for such processing of personal data company needs to have employee's consent.

Apart from the GDPR, the relationship between physical persons and service providers will be further defined by the future regulations such as ePrivacy, IDD, the Taliban Declaration, PSD2, and similar regulations which will guarantee the physical person a high quality data retention and transparent data processing including personal data. It is to be expected that the security and transparency of data processing in the coming years will be an increasing focus of regulators and legislative bodies.

EU Consulting

We proactively monitor existing and planned tenders. Our team is not just a consultant who writes project bidding documentation, but a team that looks forward to improving your business and financing projects through a whole new perspective. Boost is focused on competitions targeted at micro, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. EU Consulting service includes:

  • Monitoring of tenders and periodic reporting (clients) about funding opportunities
  • Defining a project and preparing project applications for the purpose of applying
  • Project management and organization work
  • Making feasibility studies
  • Preparation of the tender dossier, evaluation and financial reports and other documentation
  • Developing marketing strategies
  • Project implementation consultancy
  • Participating in analytical tracking and preparing reports on project and activity results

Since co-financing through EU funds is not a banking service, state bodies that file and evaluate applications for EU funds, have to be sure that the proposed project and related activities are absolutely meaningful and business-justified. In doing so, the business plan is the only document that can guarantee the success of the proposed business idea. In this sense, the business plan must be fully detailed and all information quantified and verifiable. The Boost team will explain all the details of the co-financing by stages and expected steps. Only then can you decide whether you want to fund your development through EU funds or otherwise.

Boost LLC follows a number of tenders which are available through the Structural Funds. Company is focused on tenders targeted at micro, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, such as product certification, participation at international fairs; introduction of recognized business process management systems (ISO 9001, 14001, etc.), investing in Hardware-Software solutions etc.

Boost also monitors co-financing services and / or alternative financial funding sources offered by the institutions such as HAMAG Bicro, HBOR, county and city funds.

Boost approaches to the EU funding through several steps. Primarily, client is informed about all the good and bad sides including possible consequence of such type of financing. It is clearly defined with the client what does Boost provides and performs at the operational level and given financial offer to the client can be fully or partially accepted or rejected. Boost greatly differentiates the writing service from the (already approved) project management service.

In a period 2014-2020. Boost has 100% success in withdrawing funds from EU fund programmes for its clients.


Boost helps you in applying for funds provided by the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development (HBOR) and the Croatian Agency for SMEs, Innovations and Investments (HAMAG-BICRO), as a complement to EU funding, but without EU funding. Boost helps clients to prepare the application documentation for HBOR and HAMAG-BICRO loans.

ISO Consulting

Boost LLC conducts business consulting for the preparation and implementation of ISO standards:

  • ISO 9001 (QMS) that defines the requirements for a quality management system
  • ISO 14001 (EMS) which sets out the criteria for the environmental management system
  • ISO 27001 (ISMS) for information security
  • ISO 45001 which defines the management of health and safety at work
  • ISO 37001 (ABMS) which defines anty-bribery management

During the development and preparation of documentation for each ISO standard, process and procedural adjustments are made to the internal client organization

Boost has the experience and expertise in the implementation of the four key international standards that are most commonly practiced in the Republic of Croatia, such as QMS (Quality Management System - ISO 9001), EMS (Environmental Management System - ISO 14001), ISMS (Information Security Management System - ISO 27001) and OH&S (Occupational health and safety management systems - ISO 45001).

Boost helps the client to implement and certify the ISO standard (one or more) by scanning a complete internal business, checking compliance with the legal framework, preparing documentation to demonstrate compliance, and assisting the client to implement the rules of the operating plan. Only then does the selected certification company conducts the certification.

Depending on the number of standards, number of clients working locations and administrative preparedness, duration of all necessary activities is estimated at the very beginning of the project. The client is presented with the project plan including all the steps deadlines and responsible persons (KPI’s). In general, the implementation itself should not last for less than 2 months or longer than 7 months.

Boost suggests to clients a commercial relationship by which most of the contracted funds are charged only upon successful certification. Pricing models and payout intensity are negotiated with each client individually.

Certified institution carries out a 2 year audit of compliance with the standard, and the third year is the so-called recertification year since the standards are changed or upgraded every couple of years.

Business Analytics

Boost LLC performs a business analytics for client needs by providing recommendations for business improvement through the situation analysis in the customers company. Gap analysis can be provided in the following areas:

  • ICT System Effectiveness
  • Process and procedures
  • Optimizing sales channels and market segmentation
  • Branding and rebranding
  • Risk analysis

In agreement with the client, first we make the scanning of the situation and then give the recommendations for business improvement. Depending on size of the client and the industry in which he operates, steps may be proposed that will further enhance the internal and external elements of the company's business development. The focus of business consulting can be a long-term development strategy, HRM and ICT topics, as well as sales and marketing strategies.

The Boost Team works in a way to make clear recommendations with all the elements of a pro & contra proposals and provides clear, transparent and unambiguous recommendations for business changes. It is the client's choice to accept the recommendations in whole or partially. Upon completion of the project, the Boost team remains at client’s disposal for any interpretations, additional advice and suggestions regarding the proposed changes.

Boost team offers the possibility of project engagement, per-call access and / or monthly agreed number of working hours to the extent in which are the Boost experts available. Consumption of working hours, price models and the intensity of engagement are negotiable.

Boost covers the following expertise among the employees, but also has a broad network of partners providing the "one-stop-shop" principle for the client: the EU and other types of co-financing for business development, legal compliance, ISO implementation, business analysis and strategic and investment studies, analysis of the effectiveness of individual business segments (such as ICT, HRM, sales, marketing, etc.) and operational assistance in public procurement. With partner institutions we are able to offer legal services, branding, ICT services and operational project management.

For years, Boost has been systematically working to develop a network of business partners for its clients, whether they need products or services from other countries or want to place their products and services globally. In this regard, Boost has developed a network of partners in Central and Eastern Europe, in the Middle East, China and South Africa.

Boost operationally assists micro and small businesses in the business development process, from the very idea of setting up a company, registering and initially complying with the legal framework, all the way to helping find alternative sources of (co) financing for development (such as EU funds, HAMAG and HBOR funds, etc.).

HRM Consulting (Human Resources Management)

  • Defining organizational structure, work roles and organizational charts and recruiting and selection based on the above.
  • Coordination and relationship management with external HR partners.
  • Preparation of legal regulations on labor contracts and work regulations, ie. logistical coordination of compliance with legal regulations.
  • Surveying of employee satisfaction, devising and implementation of performance management system (Performance management), system of rewarding and career development plan with accompanying education plan.


For our client’s needs, we can work orientation briefings, connect with local businesses, make reports about target markets, work off operational work on sales opportunities, organize seminars, conferences and other events, provide translate and transport services as needed. Service also provides basic background information on a local company such as, the address, contact person, ownership composition, year of establishment, etc. It also includes a financial report, credit performance, information on any debt, benchmarking of import amounts, company growth, years in the market, reputation etc.


  • Advisory services and education related to EU financing options, HBOR (Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development) and HAMAG-BICRO Loans (Croatian Agency for SMEs, Innovations and Investments)
  • Education related to the implementation and enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Compliance with the legal regulations and human resource management