ICT Services

Functional Specifications (IT)

Creating specifications for future software solutions through business process capture. It is a business analytics for the needs of software companies so that on behalf of clients goes to the ultimate customer and conducts business analytics and is documented in the so-called functional specification of the future software solution.

Virtual Infrastructure Rental

ICT service provided by Boost under the DataShark brand. By using a monthly lease, the client uses high-availability IT infrastructure without the need for initial investment and is paid as much as is used. The cost of an IT infrastructure becomes a monthly operating expense that monitors the real needs of the client resulting in resource savings.

E-mail Rental System

E-mail rental system or Microsoft Exchange email correspondence system provides users with all the sizes and the need to have an enterprise solution that can be used on multiple devices at the same time in real time in the form of monthly rental (with or without Microsoft Outlook). At the same time, the end user does not have to invest in hardware, software, deployment, backup, anti-virus and anti-spam solutions and maintain the entire system. Mail system is used in the form of monthly rental, and the service covers all licenses, backups and security.

Antivirus Solutions and Business Security

Boost LLC is a Silver partner for Sophos, a world-renowned security and antivirus solution provider. As data protection is more and more important in regulatory and business terms, Boost puts the focus and on the sales of various solutions to help customers protect their data.

Boost offers an analysis of ICT systems with recommendations for improving investment in ICT systems. In addition, Boost offers collocation of your equipment in data centers with high SLA conditions in the contract and rental of a virtual infrastructure (VMware, HyperV, and KVM). Through Boost partners, dedicated links and / or shared Internet links can also be contracted.

Boost's contract partners can provide high SLA conditions in terms of redundancy and infrastructure that normally provide the so-called Tier 3 level of conditions for accommodation of equipment and / or rental of virtual infrastructure.

Boost LLC can through contractual partners solve all of your software needs, except of hardware. In this sense, there is a whole range of ready-made solutions, as well as the possibility for creating new tailor-made solutions which can meet the needs of the operating business.

Your data is maximally protected with the help of the most advanced technologies and in an adequate manner, regardless of whether they are on your servers that are collocated in a data center or if they are on a leased virtual infrastructure. This means that contracted data centers comply with internationally recognized quality signs such as ISO 27001 standards, PCI-DSS, PSD2 and Tier 3. In addition, these are also data centers for data storage of financial institutions. Institutions which are extremely regulated by the industry and placement of their data in these kind of data centers would not be possible if they do not meet the strict requirements.

All data placed via Boosta are located in Croatia and they are not exported except in the case of client’s explicit request. In such case, data can only be located on the territory of European Union.

Except of assisting to define procedures, processes and documents related to the DR & BC, Boost can also provide secondary locations of accommodation for data and key employees, in case of breakdown of the primary locations.

Boost is a partner to a global manufacturer of antivirus and other security solutions for computers and servers. Sophos offers a whole range of data protection solutions.