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One-Stop-Shop for all operational requirements of small and medium businesses

Company BOOST LLC was established in 2013 with a goal of providing full advisory, logistical and operational assistance to legal entities in the Republic of Croatia. Boost LLC operates on the „one-stop-shop“ principle for all legal entities which want to improve their business and need useful information and logistics assistance, as well as for all companies that are just looking for business development opportunities. Boost employs or engages competent domestic and foreign experts to ensure that every customer is guaranteed the highest quality of service.


Boost’s mission is to provide quality services. Specifically, the mission is to save time and money to Boost’s clients through complete operational and logistical support through the scope of the company’s service portfolio


Boost’s vision is to become a key operative-logistical partner for small and medium-sized companies and other potential investors in the Republic of Croatia. Specifically, the vision is to become an unavoidable partner for all small and medium-sized companies in the Republic of Croatia that want to improve or start a business, by using innovative and modern methods of providing services.

BOOST operates in accordance with the Croatian Employers’ Association Code of Ethics and the Croatian Chamber of Commerce Code of Ethics.

The features of our services:

  • Speed, professionalism, thoroughness and competence
  • Reliability, availability, security
  • Confidentiality of customer relations; and confidentiality of the information exchanged
  • Focus on protecting client interests
  • Cost-sensitive customer protection and cost reduction
  • Flexibility and tailor-made solutions when client expectations are specific and non-standard
  • Focus on customers’ wishes
  • Flexible price classes


General Information:

Company name:BOOST d.o.o.
Headquarters:Fra Grge Martića 6, 10 408 Velika Mlaka
Office address:Oreškovićeva ulica 6D/1, 10 020 Zagreb
Court of jurisdiction:Trgovački sud u Zagrebu
Identification number: 04098633
Date of registration in court register:20.9.2013.
Company equity:6.636,14 €, paid in full
Bank name:Zagrebačka banka d.d.
Person authorized to represent the company: Vitomir Lučić
Working hours:09:00-17:00 / Monday to Friday


By opting for the establishment and implementation of the Anti-bribery Management System  HRN ISO 37001:2016 (ABMS), BOOST  has expressed its commitment to meeting the requirements of the standard and harmonizing operations with the laws of the Republic of Croatia and international regulations governing the suppression of bribery and provides evidence that business is in compliance with them.

BOOST  encourages and enables persons to report in good faith and based on reasonable conviction of bribery attempts, suspected bribery or bribery as well as any violation or any weakness of the anti-bribery management system to the bribery compliance function or appropriate employees (either directly or through an appropriate third party).

When an employee, customer, supplier, interested party or someone else notices an attempted bribery, suspects bribery, or witnesses a bribery case, BOOST  allows him or her to report it to the ABMS Officer (ABO) anonymously and confidentially.

Upon receipt of the report, ABO checks the justification and accuracy of the application. In this regard, we invite you to report any suspected irregularities ANONYMOUSly via the following form. Please provide as much detail as possible in the text of the application so that the internal investigation can give the best possible results.

    A report of irregularities related to BOOST can also be filed in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Whistleblowers , which entered into force in the Republic of Croatia on 23 April 2022. The law transposes Directive (EU) 2019/1937 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2019 on the protection of persons reporting on breaches of Union law (OJ L 305, 26 November 2019).

    The application through the aforementioned Act is NOT ANONYMOUS and, in case you wish to file a report based on the above Act, to contact our Official at the following contacts:

    The person in charge will send you the form prescribed by the Act, which must be completed and signed back to BOOST. The same appointed person is also available for any additional questions and concerns about how to apply (either anonymously, or through a full-name form).


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