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Legal and administrative services

Company registration, opening of the bank-account, stamp production, so-called NKD diversification, help in finding proper business premises and furnishing, web-domain registration, negotiating and contract arrangement with telecommunication and other ICT providers on national and international level, enrolment in all necessary state institutions (such as tax registry), support in completion of necessary documentation and permit acquisition, collecting and filtering offers for products and services that office might need in order to be able to work productively. Definition of all templates necessary for compliance with legal framework and/or necessary for everyday operations performance of the company.


Matchmaking foreign and Croatian companies is the next activity of the company. Matchmaking presupposes knowledge of international commercial relations and quality contracting a business relationship. It includes orientation briefing of clients, connecting with local companies, market reports, follow up of trade leads, organization of seminars, receptions & other events, coordination of interpretation & transportation, final reports. Service also provides basic background information on a local company such as, the address, contact person, ownership composition, year of establishment, etc. It also includes a financial report, credit performance, information on any debt, benchmarking of import amounts, company growth, years in the market, reputation etc.

HRM Services

Human Resources Management services include the definition of the organizational structure based on inputs, development of role profiles and organochart, as well as recruitment and selection among candidates. Co-ordination and relationship management with outsourced HR partners (such as MojPosao or executive search agencies), preparation for compliance with legal framework related to employment contracts, rules of procedures and other internal documents. Boost provides logistical coordination when reaching compliance with Labour act, Health Safety Act and Fire Protection Act such as delegating labour medical office. Preparation and completion of employee satisfaction surveys, definition and implementations of Performance management, Incentives scheme and career development plan with accompanying education plan on annual or longer basis. HRM consulting usually means several months of intensive work with clients and employees on a location of a client.

ISO Standardization

Boost offers business consulting for the preparation and implementation of ISO standards. For example, ISO 9001 (QMS), which specifies the requirements for a quality management system, ISO 14001 (EMS), which defines the criteria for the environmental management system and ISO 27001 (ISMS) for information security. Process and procedural adjustments of the internal organization of the client are made during the drafting and preparation of documents for a particular ISO standard. During the post-certification period Boost can offer outsourcing of non-core activities of the client, such as the HRM, branding, management of ICT needs etc.


Outsourcing is delegation a part of production or services that are not core business of company to an external executor to ensure expertise and the best quality of products or provision of services. Therefore Boost successfully carries out the segment of your business that is not part of your core business. Cooperation can take place on a monthly or annual basis, depending on the client's needs. Outsourced activities can be HRM, branding, management of ICT needs etc. as listed above.

Business Intelligence and Development of Feasibility Study Documents

Boost LLC team is able to produce feasibility study papers that would contain all the elements necessary that are a must for initial decision-making whether to consider investment in Croatia or not. This part of services can include "mystery shopping" and all those data gathering methods necessary for potential investment project (such as SWOT analysis) and to be able to review relevant trends in country and region. Analysis certainly includes market overview, competition with industry KPIs (market trends and benchmarks) as well as overview of legislation framework. Development of initial budgeting plan of investment in Croatia, cascading the costs to annual and multiannual models, depending on parameters, comparison with same or similar projects, comparison with market trends and official data from state institutions.

Local Agent Performance Evaluation

Boost can evaluate present agent, distributor or representative's performance. We evaluate the local company's financial situation, product lines and brands, international trade activities, status with regards to the competition, local production, pricing of products, business practices and variables for projected imports and local production.

Trade Fairs Representation

Service is targeted at an individual company or an association that groups several companies, with the purpose to represent them in a local fair. This service can include, but is not limited to, stand design, stand set-up, preparation of banners and fliers, trade fair analysis, etc. The objective is to offer the client or entity that desires to participate in a trade show, but is not able or willing to directly participate, a cost-effective alternative to be present at a fair and the opportunity to contact local counterparts through our market analysts.
For companies and entities attending a trade fair in the local market, we provide a service package that allows the client to capitalize on the event. Services include:

  • Brief Market Study: Brief overview of a certain market segment identifying competition, potential local partners, clients etc;
  • Matchmaking: Meeting Agenda with local counterparts;
  • Trade Fair Product Analysis: An evaluation of the company's competition at the fair;
  • Follow up Service: In-country follow up of the trade leads generated during the fair;
  • Interpretation + Trade Assistance: Assistance from one of our market analysts, which could include trade advice and translation services during the fair;
  • Complementary services: Organization of stand, translation of documents, hiring of interpreter, etc.

Boost offers the possibility to visit certain trade fairs in the region on behalf of the client. The purpose is to collect all the information and contacts that client is interested in and to help further develop of the company.

Definition and Positioning of Visual Identity

Definition of the brand and branding strategy for domestic market. Design and implementation of book of standards that would be applied to national market, proactive PR and marketing positioning of the brand as well as event management of all kinds. Boost also can offer design and development of web solutions (website, banners, social networks and similar).

Product Competitiveness Analysis

Comprehensive information on a specific product's competitive position in the local market. The analysis is based on the product's in-country condition in terms of price and quality, post-sales servicing requirements and availability. In addition, factors influencing the product's competitiveness, such as introduction barriers, complexity of distribution channels, governmental regulations, environmental requirements, etc. are also considered.

Investment Relations - Search for Investment Opportunities, Governmental Subsidies & Incentives

Proactive help in finding alternative sources of financing projects, on domestic and international financial markets. Boost is able, on behalf of client, to establish contact with number of financial institutions (banks, investment funds, state institutions providing financial support for foreign investors, international financial institutions). As part of Boost LLC team, we have persons who were or still are working as investment consultants for institutions such as World Bank, EBRD and similar. Boost LLC is taking exclusively a role of preparation and organization of such meetings. Negotiations itself are run by investor and investor takes full responsibility for success of the negotiation process.


This search delivers a list of concession and capital projects to be executed in the local market. It includes fundamental information on actors involved, project deadlines and the products and services required. Projects that might be included are from both the governmental and private sectors and cover all business areas. Additionally, the study also gives an overview of governmental subsidies; incentives and/ or financing that can be incorporated in the projects.

Market Research

In accordance with client's desires, Boost can organize and perform smaller (focus groups) or extensive market researches, in accordance with industry rules and quality samples, related to investor's brand (no matter whether product or service). Boost can also perform CATI researches, i.e. perform outbound as well as inbound campaigns and already mentioned mystery shopping activities.

Operational Management of the client's company until investor takes over

Management of the initial market positioning, establishment of the contacts with potential suppliers/customers, potential partner companies, local communities. Also, acquisition of all necessary and relevant documents and permits, in accordance with the expectations and plans of the investor. Conducting public or other forms of tendering process. Active support in monitoring and management of the investment project. Definition of the organizational structure, role profile matrix including recruitment and selection of the employees. Organization of education and trainings for employees in accordance with corporate guidelines of the investor.

EU Funds

Croatia, as newest EU member state, through various structural funds, offers numerous possibilities to companies as well as projects (both newly founded and established). Let us explore your company profile, project or idea and create matrix which will reveal possibilities of using EU funds. We may and will propose modification, maybe even new projects that are compatible to your company, in order to compete for resources. We monitor not only on-going tenders, but are fully up to speed with announcements of future tenders. Our team will provide full overview and timeline of all activities. We are not just consultants that will write tender documentation for your project (though service may be offered as well), but a team who thinks of ways to develop your business using above mentioned possibilities and finance your project with a whole new perspective.