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Frequently Asked Questions

When a company needs to have Work regulations?
Every employer who hires 20th employee is required to fulfil certain obligations imposed on him by the Labour Law (Official Gazette-NN., No. 93/14; hereinafter: LL) and the related regulations. It should be noted that the LL does not make a distinction between an employment contract for a definite period and the employment contract for an indefinite period, therefore in 20 or more employees are also involved workers on fixed-term. Hence for employers who have fewer than 20 employees, or are close to that number, and/or occasionally employ temporary workers while crossing the border, it is advisable to bring the Work regulations in advance which will regulate all necessary issues and areas.
What is the difference between the Establishment document of the company and the Social contract?
The Establishment document is company's basic document through which the initiator defines a desire on the type of company, name and other relevant details and the Establishment document is being delivered with the rest of the documentation to the Commercial Court in terms of company registration. Establishment document is mostly used in practice only when there is only one company founder. In case when company is founded by two or more persons (regardless of whether they are natural or legal persons) Social contract is more usual. It defines relations (rights and obligations) of all co-owners.
What is tax on company name?
Tax on company name is the annual cost of the company that is payed to the local self- government in which the company is located. It amounts several hundred HRK and it is paid once a year.
When the company must appoint a person for the protection of workers’ dignity and person for the protection of workers’ privacy?
According to the Labour Law every company that employs two or more persons, shall appoint a person for the protection of workers’ dignity and the person for the protection of workers' privacy. It is the anti-bullying provisions of the Labour Law that must be observed regardless of the type of activities of the company. It is important to note that the persons appointed to those positions must not at the same be time persons responsible for the company's operations in the Commercial Court.
What is selected specialist of Occupational Health?
Every company that employs at least one or more employees must choose a specialist in Occupational Health. That detail is important in case of injury at work because the selected occupational medicine specialist is authorized to assess the severity of injury and respecting legal procedures to give an opinion on the rehabilitation of injuries.
What is PDPA?
PDPA is the acronym for the Personal Data Protection Agency. According to legal procedure, each company must report the method of keeping any database to the PDPA. It is the application of the data collection method and defining the data type. Usually companies report a employees database (for example, to PDPA is reported what type of data the company collects on employees – those are: name, surname, OIB, address, current account number in a commercial bank, the number of children, etc.)
How the company regulates the payment of Christmas bonuses and gifts for children?
Each company may decide to pay Christmas bonus and/or gift for children of employees. Christmas bonus is a non-taxable for the amount up to 2,500.00 HRK and the gift for children is non-taxable for the amount up of 600.00 HRK per child. But it is important to note that prior to payment, the responsible authority or the responsible person must make a decision for the payment.
What companies need to implement evacuation exercise?
Each company must implement evacuation exercise maximum once every two years. There must be made a record about evacuation exercises, which includes details such as the Head of the evacuation, the deputy of the Head, providers of first aid etc.