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One-Stop-Shop for operational assistance to SMB companies

Company has been founded during 2013 with a goal to supply complete advisory, logistical and operational help to those investing in Croatia. Boost LLC offers "one-stop-shop" principle for all legal entities that would like to invest and do business on Croatian soil and thus are in need of useful information as well as logistical backup for their needs. Boost LLC is also offering its services to all those who are in phase of considering doing business in Croatia. Boost employs and/or has engaged different domestic and foreign experts that will secure top quality services for its clients.

Our Services

Our services are marked as:

  • Fast, professional, thorough and competitive
  • Reliable, available, secure
  • Discreet in relationship to the client and in information exchange (NDA)
  • Maintaining constant focus on protection of the client's interest
  • Cost-sensitive protection of client's investment and cost-reduction without losing desired quality.


Strategy of BOOST LLC is continued growth and improvement in all business aspects, with an emphasis on:

  • Building long-term partnership with clients
  • Networking with as many institutions and/or individuals that could contribute to the variety of services and products company can offer its clients
  • Expanding business activities to new products and services, but also new areas of activity (primarily EU member states and neighbouring countries)
  • Life-long education and development of new skills and expertize of its employees.

Client-Supplier Relationship

Usually Boost proposes following model of client-supplier relationship:

  • Exchange of the information with potential client about the desired profile of the services and framework of proposed project
  • Signature of the contract and accompanying annexes, definition of the pricing model and intensity of the reporting
  • Analysis of the existing status and definition of the KPIs, creation of the time-sheet and budgeting
  • Counselling and development of the investment model for client
  • Legal, marketing and financial activity with purpose of protection of the investor's funding and proactive work on market positioning
  • Securing maintenance of the accomplished status until investor's representative takes-over the operational (everyday) functioning of the company
  • Evaluation and final report

Contracted clients receive:

  • Full documentation and reporting about the activities performed. Reporting is as intensive as agreed with investor (daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly). Also, format of the documentation and reporting formats is agreed (photographs, studies, scanned documents and permits, partial or complete translations of documents)
  • Reporting and general correspondence with the investors is in written form and languages used are Croatian and English
  • All the details of relationship to the investor are defined by terms and conditions specified in signed contract. Contract can be verified by notary's office in case client wishes so. In cases where business activity is performed, but is not defined in contract, annex to the contract is negotiated and signed

Client is obliged to delegate one contact person with a decision-making power in order to secure clear and fast communication.

BOOST suggests occasional study trips to Croatia in order to be able to fully comprehend situation on the field and see details in person. Such trips will be used as an opportunity to meet project relevant persons. Boost LLC can take over complete organization of such trips.

Pricing models are negotiated with each client separately. Pricing models are dependent on the elements and specific details of each investment project.

Client list of Boost LLC is not public and we reserve right to be discreet about our relationship with our clients. BOOST LLC is not signing contracts with companies that are in direct competitive relation to the existing client/clients.. BOOST LLC is conducting its business activities in accordance with Code of Ethics of Croatian Commercial Chamber.